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Client's Rights

As a client, you have certain rights:

  • The right to ask questions about the qualifications and experience of your counselor/therapist.
  • The right to ask questions about any procedures used in treatment. If you wish, your counselor/therapist should be happy to discuss his/her usual procedures and philosophy of treatment
  • The right to refuse a particular treatment method. Your counselor/therapist may feel that a particular treatment method is essential to your therapy, and this must be resolved to your mutual satisfaction.
  • The right to ask your counselor/therapist to discuss your progress and future counseling plans with you at any time.
  • The right to have any testing results explained and discussed with you. You also have the right to refuse testing, but your counselor/therapist may feel that this is essential to your progress. This must be resolved to your mutual satisfaction.
  • The right to request referral to another counselor/therapist, or agency. Discuss this with your counselor/therapist if you are comfortable doing so.
  • he right to terminate therapy at any time. Since termination is an important part of the therapy process, it will be helpful to you to inform your counselor/therapist that you wish to terminate and to discuss your reasons for doing so.
  • The right to be respected as a human being; to have your therapist convey this respect by keeping your appointments or letting you know ahead of time if a schedule change is necessary; by returning your phone calls; by giving his/her complete attention during sessions; and by providing you with the most effective therapy he/she can.
  • The right to ask questions about anything related to your treatment and to expect an honest discussion of your concerns.

(adapted from the Washington State Dept. of Education)

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