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Clinical Data


Clinical data has been collected at each Warrior Camp® as a routine program component.


Excerpts from the Executive Summary:

Results: All measures showed statistically significant reductions in distress. Warrior Camp participants experienced relief from PTSD and depression of a large to medium magnitude and relief from adult attachment-related difficulties and Moral Injury to a medium to small magnitude.

However, the first time the analysis was conducted on Moral Injury data the result was so large that it was re-run with a more conservative test so as to be more in line with the rest of the data.

Conclusions: The outcomes monitoring examination of WC showed that participants experienced improvement that was statistically significant and substantive for PTSD, depression, adult attachment and Moral Injury.

Implications: Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc.'s Warrior Camp is a unique program targeted to treat the effects of combat including trauma and Moral Injury... These results make a potentially significant contribution to the literature on short-term, intensive treatments for military service members and veterans who have been exposed to combat. Research is limited on the topic of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and this study makes a substantial contribution in this regard.

This data was presented as a Poster Presentation at the MHSRS (Military Health System Research Symposium)
Conference in Orlando, FL in August 2016.

TRR won the 2nd Place Poster Award at the 2016 EMDRIA Conference for this work.

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