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TRR needs its own facility. This will enable us to ramp up our operational tempo of 2-3 programs each year, to at least one program each month. We are seeking use of 200+ beautiful, secluded acres in New York's Hudson Valley on which we will create the first 100% green, clean and sustainable retreat for military veterans and their families in the United States. This means meeting all EPA standards for green building including solar panels, renewable energy, water efficiency, and plant and land conservation.

We will build a lodge that houses 25 people.  It will have an industrial sized kitchen, a yoga studio, a living/dining area and a gym. (we already have $18,000 worth of donated gym equipment, including a 4-station Universal gym and other items). It will meet ADA requirements.

Our farm will be home to 12-20 horses and other animals, many of them rescues. It will have an indoor and outdoor arena, and a barn. We intend to lease 75-100 acres to farmer veterans who will do sustainable and organic farming for us and for themselves. 

In order to accomplish this our immediate need is to attract donors willing to sponsor this property for us. Our long term goal is to raise $25 million which will enable us to fund this program in perpetuity.

Individual endowments and sponsorships are welcome. Donors’ names will be added to whatever the contribution is targeted for - the dining hall, the barn or stables, sleeping rooms, etc.

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