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Warriors and First Responders put their lives on the line every day in service to their country, whether on the home front or in a combat zone. They do this willingly. They do not expect to be forever damaged in the process, yet, this often occurs, and then it is time for us to serve them.

That time is now

Active duty suicides have outpaced deaths in combat and are now happening at the rate of one per day.

Veteran suicides are occurring at the rate of 22 per day.

TRR is dedicated to helping those who have been to war truly come home.

  • Seventh Generation donates cleaning supplies for the kitchen staff at Warrior Camp!
  • Donated coffee for April 2014 Warrior Camp
  • Kharma Khare made an in-kind donation of high-quality yoga mats for Warrior Camp, made of 100% recycled car tires.
  • Temple Volunteer Fire Department provided donated dinners every night for the pilot WC.
  • Jade Yoga donates yoga mats for all WC participants to take home so they can continue their practice!
  • Joe donated 14 lbs of coffee for Warrior Camp!
  • Monkey Bar Gymnasium SINY provided runners and running tees for Team Warrior Camp during the Freedom 500 Run in August 2013.
  • Monadnock Rod and Gun Club organized a fundraiser for TRR in July 2014
  • Thank you to Jeff Wilson who marched Valiant in the NYC Veterans Day Parade with a WC logo on his flank!
  • Purina donated all the feed for horses at the Pilot Warrior Camp in 2013
  • The Mission Continues awarded TRR a Fellow!
  • The WWP supported the equine portion of WC for eligible veterans though August 2015
  • The United War Veterans Council has invited TRR to march in the NYC Veteran's Day Parade (America's Parade) for the last 3 years.
  • Duggal Visual Solutions printed and matted photos for TRR's Photo Exhibit at Joe Coffee

Serving those who serve