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Getting Started

A blog post can be a daunting item: once it is out there, it is out there to stay. So, with that in mind, we start this TRR blog in order to encourage an exchange of ideas about war, trauma, injuries both seen and invisible, and healing/wellness. At TRR, we aim at wholeness and life: a whole person living a meaningful and enriched life. Rather than offering nifty tricks designed to mask pain to the point that one can cope with it, we strive to facilitate real wellness in the aftermath of the deep suffering of trauma, whether encountered on a patrol in an American city, a village in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or like places, or in a fire in a suburban neighborhood. Trauma, leading to deep emotional and existential pain that exceeds ease of description, can come from anywhere and at any time. Natural disasters or disasters wrought by human minds and hands do not discriminate, and many a life has been suddenly altered forever by such events. Can a person return to real, substantial wellness in the wake of such horrific experiences? Learn More